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Our management services include the coordination of property maintenance and repairs, property investment & analysis and property accounting.


Fremont Realty Corporation provides turnkey asset management.      


  • Accounts Receivables/Payables;

  • Common Area Maintenance and pass throughs;

  • Client financial statements & accounting;

  • Insurance & tax abatement;

  • Year end reporting & 1099's;

  • Lease roll overs;

  • Property inspection & repair management;

  • Property maintenance & emergencies;

  • Compliance with ADA, city ordinance & UCC;

  • Negotiation with service & maintenance contracts;

  • Payroll & staffing;

  • Credit report, reference checks, criminal history, Dunns & Bradstreet check, tenant qualification & review; and, 

  • Communication & correspondance with tenant.


All information supplied by the prospective tenant is verified through reference checks, a credit report and criminal history report.


Based on your property type & size, FRC will staff, set up, and implement the necessary property management procedure & software and maintain on site offices within the property as required.


Contact us today to discuss your property management solutions.

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