Fremont Realty Corporation
406 Oak Knoll Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78228
Ph: (210) 431-4700


Fremont Realty Corporation believes in taking an active position in all areas of the disposition of your real estate investment. We will determine the property valuation based on current and accurate market conditions and price the property based on real data.


This data is then analyzed and broken down so that a marketing plan with specific information to your investment will be designed for a timely sale. After prospects are procured, a target plan to this pool is executed to increase property presence. Since we are focused on building long term relationships within the industry, our network of loyal investors gives us exclusive access to additional purchasing power unavailable to our competition.

Our brokerage has been in San Antonio, Texas for over 15 years and we have an intricate knowledge of the territory, its market condition, its economy, its business climate & its culture. Using this experience, we can set & determine realistic goals to get our investors and sellers the highest possible price, in the shortest amount of time and while exceeding expectations. 


We consider tax consequence each time a gain is determined and can assist 1031 exchange buyers with structered sales to maximize their assets outlay. Additionally, we can monitor important IRS deadlines and identification periods to assure our clients deadlines are met thereby avoiding potential penalties & costly fees. 


By professionally negotiating the deal in your best interest, but with realistic expectations, our sellers bypass missing the right opportunities when they arrive. In a diversified market these opportunities are all too common. Its nice to know that Fremont Realty Corporation, a seasoned and well networked company, owes its fiduciary obligation to its clients. Combine this with results and a proven history of customer/client satisfaction, you have a superior service built on satisfied relationships with our clients over the long term. This creates a core element in the disposition of your commercial & investment real estate 

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