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It all starts with an idea. Commercial real estate

developments begin with careful planning and

the execution of an idea. 


Fremont Realty Corporation 

can assist it clients with development,

capital markets & finance, 

project management, construction, and market studies

turning ideas into reality.


Development services include:


  • Build to Suits and Ground Leases - Projects built to suit the needs of their tenants provide long term, fixed returns for investors looking to "hold" capital outlays and make exceptional 1031 exchange properties or they can be structured on ground leases where investors can enjoy the tax advantages associated with each. These projects also offer investors healthy reversionary proceeds at disposition. Whatever your specific goals are, we can help determine the best built to suit project based on the goals you want to achieve.


  • Site Acquisition, infrastructure & platting - We can help with the selection of your site & owvnership formation to maximize returns on your land investment. We also help analyze the costs of site platting, utility & road infrastructure and determine how this will effect your project and assist in its delivery. 


  • Project marketing & pre leasing - Marketing & pre leasing any project is vital to its beginning. We market your project to locate tenants suited to that specific development and have the improvements pre leased to percentages necessary to achieve viable returns & satisfy the lender.


  • Feasibility, impact studies & market/economic research - Knowing if a project is ready and how the costs, legal issues & market associated with that project effect it, is crucial to its success. Careful due diligence is required when looking into the development of any project. Its impact on the environment, how the tenant will perform, its geography and the state of the local economy are some of the factors we consider when planning your project. By using real data, we minimize these risks and identify issues which could potentially effect your development. We work on finding solutions to these issues that mitigate the overall risks to our investors and our clients.


  • Project creation & Design - Fremont Realty Corporation can create your development considering factors that effect its design including: land parcel size & shape, investor motivation, zoning & ordinance, setbacks & useable area, marketability, ambiance & conformity, tenant mix, master plan infrastructure and the idea in which it was founded. We will work with the architect and the jurisdiction to create the right development or modify an existing development to assure the right design for our clients.


  • Joint Venture participation - Participation in any project is crucial to its success. Investors want to make sure that each venture is going to produce a viable, realistic and marketable product. Let us structure your next venture whether it be in retail, office, multifamily, hospitality or planned development. Our services include venture marketing, structuring & joint participation offerings.


  • Team Collaboration - Collaboration is our core value. Nothing is more essntial to the development of a project than the assignment of team roles, interaction amongst these roles and a single logistical point of contact to relay information accurately, efficiently and factually back to our client. We take a collaborative, proven,  "team style" approach on every deal.


  • Interim, construction & permanent financing - All financing, its effects on the project, its interest impact, and how soft/hard costs and development variables effect your proforma require someone with the experience and understanding of capital markets and financing. Fremont Realty Corporation can assist you with obtaining financing and the complexities associated with today's projects.


  • Oversight & project management - Fremont Realty Corporation can oversee the projects budget, its potential cost savings and overall efficiency, its management and time delivery, cost mitigation and oversight while adhering to your goals and building aspiratons   


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