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Based on your strategy, we help locate the property and manage the transaction from beginning to end with professional services including:


  • Property identification - We will look at your overall goals and assist you in identifying the property that is right for you to achieve those goals as an investor, home owner or user of the property. We have an intricate knowledge of San Antonio, Texas and its surrounding areas and MSA.


  • Contract preparation - We will prepare the initial offer and earnest money contract to give our clients a competative edge during the sale process.


  • Professional negotiation & representation - As professional negotiators, our goal is to save our clients the most money while giving them the negotiating power needed in every real estate transaction, without driving away sellers and getting the deal to the title company.


  • Financial, risk & sensitivity analysis - Determining the right property type for our investors is a matter of risk, return and preference. We analyze Operating Data, forecast cash flow projections & proformas and calculate a realistic, conservative approach using a wide range of scenarios. We will make adjustments needed specifically for your property to accurately calculate your Return On Income, Capitalization Rate, Internal Rate of Returns and for our corporate clients, apply the Capital Accumulation Comparison method to compare current returns versus property returns.  


  • Lease Analysis - When acquiring commercial property occupied by tenants, leases can be quite complex. We will analyze your lease and break down every componant to assure you the property being purchased is secured by a strong lease offering satisfactory future income and cash flows, depending on your goals. 


  • Proforma projections - Investment in real estate is a matter of risk & return. Forecasting future cash flows can be vital when acquiring real estate held for extended time periods. Projections must be broken down and analyzed, then re-analyzed to assure our clients and lenders alike that they are making the right choice of investment.


  • Market analysis & demographic profiling - We over 40 years in San Antonio, we have an intricate knowledge of our City. We understand its diversity and the culture of its citizens, its demographics and markets, each particular areas strengths & weaknesses and where trends are likely to occur, how & when they may occur and why.


  • Debt placement & loan application - In today's market, lenders are more stringent than ever. Getting the right  financing can be challenging. With our wide network of lending professionals, FRC can assist its clients and customers with the entire loan application process and placement of debt. We have experience in all types of creative & traditional financing including mezzanine/bridge financing, SBA & conventional loans.


  • Due diligence & feasibility studies - Our clients are vital to the success of our longevity so making sure they have the right property is crucial not only for them, but for us as well. Our company provides an extensive review of all due diligence correspondance including property documentation, borrower documentation, market data & sales data to assure contract deadlines are met avoiding costly mistakes. We then review & interpret the information with our clients so that they are comfortable with the purchase. FRC also prepares customized property reports & research studies on a fee basis. 


  • Property valuations - Fremont Realty offers valuations, Broker Opinions of Value, comparative market studies, proformas & financial analysis used to determine property worth. These valuations can be used for tax abatement, hard money financing, litigation & negotiation.


  • Transaction process scheduling & coordination - We oversee and administrate the entire transaction and coordinate with the title company, agent, lender, auditor, accountant,  engineer, surveyor, attorney, appraiser, architect, contractor & other professionals involved in the transaction. This coordination, with our clients best interest at all times, is managed from start to finish - getting the deal closed with the least amount of inconvenience to the party we represent.





In any given year, Fremont Realty Corporation

will close on properties acquired by our

investors, clients and customers with

portfolios including: Retail, Multifamily,

Land, Hospitality, Office, Industrial & Flex,

NNN/1031 Exchange, 

Medical Office, 

Easements & Special Use Properties.

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